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Product Introduction

 Technical parameter 


Measuring range:

        ● 400 mm diameter maximum (200 mm radius); Maximum height 600 mm

High rigidity stainless steel support frame

The base and column are made of natural granite

ISO/BT/HSK/CAPTO/VDI...... And other models of replaceable rotating spindle (the model shall be specified when ordering), the maximum runout is<2 µ m

Double prismatic special guide rail

Double row recirculating ball bearing

Mechanical tool tensioning function

Spindle pneumatic - mechanical braking function, with radial clamping force compensation: no axial angle error

Archimedes coil spring with constant load (balance weight system)

Image system with tool measurement and detection function (display system):

        ● Digital image sensor, image area 6.4 x 4.8mm

        ● Image magnification 40X

        ● Operation control system (operation panel)

        ● 15 "TFT color touch screen

        ● Intel Atom motherboard

        ● UBUNTU LINUX operating system platform

        ● Store data via solid-state disk SSD

Standard software functions:

        ● CNC machine tool origin management

        ● Tool list generation

        ● TOOLING UP tool management software

        ● Tool group and post processing generator

        ● Magnetic chip data processing (hardware not included)

        ● Multi-blade tool management

        ● Optical device

        ● Far lens

        ● Telecentric optical system, low deflection

        ● Point and ring red dual light source

ELBO CONTROLLI grating ruler

        ● Resolution: X=1 µ m, Z=1 µ m

Dust cover (when the machine is not in use)

Overall dimension: length=1240 mm, height=1840 mm, width=558 mm


ISO/BT/SK/JT, VDI, HSK, CAPTO, KM and other series of conversion set label printers