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Product Introduction

 Technical parameters : 

  • Measuring range: Maximum diameter 400mm (radius 200mm) Maximum height 600mm
  • Mechanical/electronic/optical structure:Stainless steel support frame provides a better rigidity and longer service life. The anchor adopts three fixed anchors and one adjustable anchor, and is equipped with keyboard and mouse; The base and column are supported by natural granite: maximum linear error μ M/m (certified by Taylor Hobson electronic micrometer measurement).
  • C-axis display: position angle of spindle rotation, resolution 0.01°
  • Spindle indexing at 0 °, 90 °, 180 ° and 270 ° The zero-gap motion transmission system, which combines the motor and compressed air, controls the rotation of the spindle tray.
  • ISO/BT/HSK/CAPTO/VDI...... And other models of replaceable rotating spindle (the model shall be specified when ordering) have a maximum runout of < 2 µm.
  • Spindle identification system (SP-ID) that uses NTC technology to automatically identify the spindle model; Double prismatic special guide rail: 2 guide rails for X axis and 1 guide rail for Z axis. Double-row circulating ball bearing, lubricating life (P/H level); Universal mechanical tool drawing system (standard pull pin), (only use ISO/BT tool handle). Spindle pneumatic-mechanical braking function, with radial clamping force compensation; There will be no axial angle error. Archimedes coil spring with constant load (balance weight system).
  • The vision system for tool measurement and tool detection includes:
    • C-MOS sensor - image area 10x10 mm
    • Magnification 26X
    • Bilateral telecentric lens. Use low deflection rate to eliminate aperture
    • Red light emitting diode light source with ring lens, red reflective light emitting device