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Product Introduction

 Technical parameter 


Measuring range

400 mm diameter maximum (200 mm radius); Maximum height 600 mm

Mechanical/electronic/optical structure

The stainless steel support frame provides high rigidity and longer service life. It is installed on three fixed steel anchors and one adjustable anchor, equipped with keyboard and mouse.

The base and column are made of natural granite: maximum linear error 2 μ M/mm is measured by Taylor Hobson's electronic micrometer.

ISO/BT/HSK/CAPTO/VDI...... And other models of replaceable rotating spindle (the model shall be specified when ordering), maximum runout < 2 μm.

Double prismatic special guide rail: 2 guide rails for X axis and 1 guide rail for Z axis.

Double-row circulating ball bearing, oil-free lubrication (preset P/H grade bearing position).

Universal mechanical tool tensioning system (standard pull pin), controlled by software, (only use ISO/BT tool handle)

Conical handle connection control (only use ISO/BT tool handle)

Spindle pneumatic - mechanical braking function, with radial clamping force compensation: no axial angle error

Archimedes coil spring with constant load (balance weight system)

Operation control system (operation panel):

High-quality 22 ″ LCD full-touch color display

Intel 3-core processor

UBUNTU 14.04 LTS LINUX operating system platform (working computer)

Store data via solid-state disk SSD

X-axis, Z-axis servo auxiliary motor, running speed up to 2mm/sec

4 USB ports (mouse, keyboard, Dymo printer and an idle port) and 1 network cable interface

Standard software

CNC machine tool origin management

Tool list generation

Automatic CNC machine tool origin selection

Common functions of tool management and post-processing

Magnetic chip reading and writing function (such as Baluf, hardware is not included)

Printable tool list

Main camera: tool measurement (reflected light) and cutting edge detection (incident light)

Telecentric lens

Telecentric optical system, low deflection

Magnification 26X, digital magnification 52X or 104X adjustable

C-MOS sensor 1.3Mega pixels, USB2.0 high-speed transmission

Image area 10X 10mm

Red ring double light source

Second/third camera: cutting edge inspection and measurement

The tool can be viewed from the top of the tool or from the other side (column direction), and can be rotated 90 ° around the center, and the tool can be viewed from any angle

Magnification 60X, digital magnification 120 times or 240 times adjustable

C-MOS sensor 1.3Mega pixels, USB2.0 high-speed transmission