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Applicable functions: surface grinding


This series of machine tools is suitable for processing large quantities of workipieces, with high precision, high efficiency and low cost. Use diamond, cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding discs, or traditional silicon carbide (SiC) grinding discs for processing. The characteristic of this kind of machine is High rigidity, quiet operation, high cutting efficiency and low cost.


● The design and manufacture of the machine tool adopts the gantry structure, which has a large processing force. This structure can only be used on the vertical jig boring machine
● Cast construction guarantees high thermal and mechanical stability
● The hydraulic system of the machine adopts Bosch double hydraulic cylinders to ensure the synchronous movement of the left and right supports of the upper grinding table
● The position measurement of the upper grinding disc adopts a double feedback system
● Double guide rail structure ensures the movement accuracy and rigidity of the upper grinding disc
● The pressure variable accuracy is kept within 1 kg; the pressure system is a closed-loop feedback
● On-line closed-loop digital measurement system for workpiece size control
● Equipped with an automatically controlled turning tool system to complete the correction of the sanding disc
● The base of the grinding disc adopts a labyrinth flow cooling system
● "Sandwich" planetary disk loading and unloading method with genius automatic positioning control
● Semi-automatic or fully automatic connection to the deburring system
● Process programming control
● Integrated computer aided measurement system
● High reliability
● Fault analysis function
● The dimensional accuracy of the workpiece is 2~4 times higher than that of the cantilever structure grinder
● Machine tool rigidity and stability increased by 2~4 times
● Machining accuracy increased by 2~4 times
● Remote maintenance/diagnosis/online support functions



The 2-wheels grinding machine with gantry structure of Stähli in Switzerland has been widely used in the processing industries of cemented carbide, ceramics, PCBN and diamond blades.


Industry users:
Iska, Kena Feishuo, Sandvik, Element 6, Zhuzhou Diamond, Harbin Yigong