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Product Introduction

● Quickly adjust the flatness of the grinding plate through the central bolt
● Smooth and precise material cutting through swinging movement
● Cooling the grinding plate
● Suitable for both large and small batch processing
● Compact, stable and reliable structure
● Quickly change grinding discs between grinding and polishing functions


FLM500R can also grind the inner and outer step surfaces of flat workpieces and the step outer circle of cylindrical workpieces through the specially made grinder. In the field of grinding, the FLM500R grinding machine with such diversified grinding functions has set a precedent in history. After 15 years of market development, stahli and Chinese customers have fought side by side to solve the following technical problems.


The aviation hydraulic industry is mainly applied to the grinding of the inner and outer stepped surfaces of flat and flat parts and the step cylindrical grinding of cylindrical workpiece.



Classic cases
Cylindrical parts( Φ 18m m, L=50m) can reach 0.5 cylindricity after grinding μ M accuracy.
Flat parts( Φ 300mm, δ= The flatness of the step surface after grinding is less than 1.2 μ m, Ra<0.2 μ m
Flat parts( Φ 9.1mm, δ= 0.2mm, radial grooving over the center) flatness after grinding and polishing 2 μ m. Parallelism 1 μ m, Ra 0.033 μ m


Aviation hydraulic industry
SAO Hydraulic Transmission Co., Ltd. One FLM900 in 2006
Nanjing Electromechanical Hydraulic Engineering Research Center, One DLM1005 in 2008
Beijing Changkong Machinery Co., Ltd. One FLM500R in 2008
Xi'an Aviation Power Control Co., Ltd. One FLM500R in 2010
Xi'an Aviation Power Control Co., Ltd. One DLM1005 in 2012
Xi'an Aviation Power Control Co., Ltd. One FLM1000 in 2014
Xi'an Hongguang Machinery Factory, One FLM500R in 2015