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Product Introduction

Modular series angle head is used for ordinary machine tools with flange at the front of headstock. The universal flange of the angle head has an annular T-shaped groove, which allows the angle head to be manually adjusted within 360 ° around the machine tool spindle. The prop headstock of TCU universal angle head can also be manually adjusted within 0-90 °. The angle head of this series is equipped with optional extension rod accessories, which can increase the total length of the angle head through the extension rod. The extension rod, main drive taper handle and universal flange have been modularized. Therefore, these parts can be interchanged on all angle heads with different models but the same specifications.




  • The shell adopts special heat treatment process and casting technology, with high rigidity
  • It is equipped with preload bearing, with accuracy of ABEC7 or above, and is lubricated with grease, with long service life
  • The spiral bevel gear is made of special materials with strength over 300Kg/mm ^ 2, which is widely used in F1 racing, aviation and aerospace fields
  • The working data of each pair of gears are strictly screened and compared by computer, which can realize high torque transmission, low noise and long service life
  • The newly introduced lengthened angle head reduces the overall dimension and overall weight
  • Output end adopts double seal structure (mechanical seal+gasket)
  • Angle head can also be connected with extension rod


The following are some MODULAR series: