The 2019 annual meeting concluded the group building


On January 4, 2020, Beijing Zhengke Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the group construction. This group building has improved the implementation awareness and methods among all departments, so that every employee of the company can better integrate into the collective. High team performance is the comprehensive result of team members' knowledge, willingness, ability and ability. The importance of training the team, and deeply realize that only with real skills can the team achieve its goals.

Having an efficient team of modern enterprises will not only drive the performance of the whole company, but also create unlimited value for the company. Team spirit is the most important thing for the construction in the League. Having good team spirit is one of the important factors of an efficient team. With good team spirit and tacit cooperation, team members will strive for the common goal and achieve the most satisfactory results. The importance of group building activities is self-evident.