Successful commissioning of ELBO tool setting instrument


Beijing Zhengke Technology Co., Ltd. takes serving the national strategy as its mission, promotes industrial upgrading through innovation-driven, and fully supports the construction of major national projects in various fields.

Hangzhou Dahe Thermomagnetic Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest industries to resume work and production in China. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, they have also been affected in terms of technical support, after-sales service, product delivery and other aspects. Once the service and delivery of the purchased products fail to keep up, they will face the risks of production obstruction and plan delay. Beijing Zhengke Science and Technology Co., Ltd., while doing a good job of epidemic prevention and protection, gives full play to the purpose of "serving customers" and helps enterprises resume work and production.

Hangzhou Dahe Thermomagnetic Electronics Co., Ltd. has ordered one ELBO CONTROLLI tool setting instrument. With the resumption of production by customers, it is urgent to add the equipment to the production line to play a role. In the face of customer demand, Beijing Zhengke Technology Co., Ltd. overcame a series of difficulties such as poor logistics, rising freight rates, and technical support during the epidemic, and completed the delivery of equipment in only one day, so that the tool setting instrument arrived at the customer's site in advance and put into use in time, which was well received by customers.

Due to the inability of personnel to reach the customer's site during the epidemic, technical support and after-sales service are carried out by online remote control. In view of this special situation, Beijing Zhengke Technology Co., Ltd. has spent more time and energy than usual and met customers' needs in more flexible ways, such as recording and using videos, making more detailed special instructions, reproducing self-use demonstration equipment, and so on. It has solved the problem of using the tool setting instrument for customers, and completed the verification and calibration of the equipment.

At present, the customer has put into production. After nearly 2 weeks of use, the customer has responded well, the appearance is beautiful and atmospheric, the instrument measurement results are stable, and the operation is simple and easy to use. Timely after-sales service.

Here, Beijing Zhengke Technology Co., Ltd. said that the affirmation of customers is the greatest encouragement to us. We promise to continue to uphold the service concept of "customer first", always provide customers with high-quality products and services, and contribute to the development of customer enterprises.

Since March, the domestic epidemic situation has shown a positive trend, but under the rapid change of the epidemic situation in Europe, it is facing a series of risks and challenges, such as epidemic prevention and control, staff leave, grounding of the Sino-Dutch route, and delayed delivery of suppliers. Beijing Zhengke Technology Co., Ltd. ensures delivery while preventing epidemic, ensuring that the delivery plan of the contract in hand will not be affected. Through close cooperation, we have completed the centralized air shipment, customs declaration and the scheduled air shipment of two calorimeters for a key domestic aerospace customer, ensuring the timely delivery of the contract in hand.

Due to the epidemic, the Dutch supplier was unable to come to China for equipment installation and commissioning. In order not to affect the customer's compressor testing requirements, Beijing Zhengke Technology Co., Ltd., Huayi Compressor Co., Ltd., and the Dutch Regent BV used the remote conference software for discussion and the Teamviewer remote control software for equipment installation and commissioning through the unremitting efforts of the three parties, In just 3 days, the equipment has completed all the processes from unpacking to water and electrical installation, and then to equipment installation and commissioning, and started normal operation test. The repeatability of the test results reached 0.5%, which was highly praised by customers.

The "epidemic" of the resumption of work is a protracted war. Beijing Zhengke Technology Co., Ltd. helps industrial enterprises resume work and production through industrial Internet services, and makes a modest contribution to the recovery of the domestic economy after the epidemic.