The commissioning work of General Technology Group is completed perfectly



General Technology Group is a leading state-owned enterprise directly managed by the central government. It is an important advanced equipment manufacturer, international engineering contractor, pharmaceutical manufacturer and supplier, technical service and consultant in China. Its General Technology Group Machine Tool Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. reached a friendly agreement with us to purchase the FISCHER center hole grinder in Switzerland.

At the end of November, we completed the commissioning work in General Technology Group.

FISCHER is the only company in the world specializing in the production of vertical high-precision center hole grinder (top hole grinder).

When the roundness of the center hole (center hole) of the workpiece is not high, the high-precision cylindrical grinder can not process high-precision workpiece. FISCHER center hole grinder (center hole grinder) can help you solve this problem.

When the center hole (center hole) is positioned for cylindrical grinding, the accuracy of the workpiece center hole (center hole) is critical. Because it determines the geometric accuracy of the grinding surface. The center hole (center hole) should be ground to the highest accuracy as possible. This is the guiding ideology when FISCHER center hole grinder (center hole grinder) is designed.

FISCHER center hole grinding machine (center hole grinding machine) can ensure that any center hole (center hole) can efficiently obtain high-precision grinding quality.

As the guarantee premise, the central hole can be grinded and formed in one time for the subsequent cylindrical grinding. It is not necessary to repeatedly grind the central hole and the outer circle. This greatly improves the processing efficiency and accuracy, and makes the outer circle of the workpiece reach 1 after being grinded by the cylindrical grinding μ m。 Due to the continuous improvement of the high accuracy or efficiency of the workpiece, more and more customers choose the costly center hole grinder.

FISCHER's top hole grinder is the best combination of KELLENBERGER and STUDER cylindrical grinders in Switzerland.