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Product Introduction

High precision and easy to handle tiny inner hole



The goal of Microcut Ltd. is to develop tools, standard grinding machines and polishing machines to process rough inner holes with a diameter of 0.015-2.5mm by flexible activation method.


Micro Bore Sizing (MBS) is designed to provide integrated, easy to operate, comprehensive machine tools, tools and services.


Advantages of MBS process


High quality specifications

  • Simple machine tool design saves downtime and maintenance time
  • Stable process with high repetition accuracy
  • The coating is applied to the tool to reduce the loss and thus increase the life of the tool
  • The measuring instrument can eliminate the correction and loss on the station


The workpiece produced by the UniBore800 machine tool can meet the following strict tolerances:

  • Bore diameter tolerance (+/- 0.5 μ m)
  • Roundness (< 0.1 μ m)
  • Cylindricity (< 0.4 μ m)
  • Parallelism (<0.4 μ m)
  • Surface finish (Ra < 0.02 μ m)




Introduction to machine tool


Advantages of machine tools

  • Open machine design to select the required configuration
  • Can be processed on the old machine tool
  • MicroHead: can process single-sided taper tool
  • Rotate and swing on the workpiece
  • Pressure control mechanical process
  • Multi-functional process, grinding, polishing, deburring


  • Station correction: roundness, cylindricity, straightness
  • Grinding size and accuracy
  • Achieve a high level of surface finish
  • The setting of the workpiece will not be changed
  • Only the minimum machining tolerance is required
  • Control quality synchronously during processing
  • Flexible and variable processing procedures
  • Grinding amount is about 2-200 μ m. Depending on the inner hole diameter, hole length and material
  • MicroHead can be used as a tool (grinding or polishing)
  • (Polishing process): Hard materials can be effectively processed to achieve the best surface roughness
  • (Grinding process): applied to hard and soft materials