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Mechanical heavy cutting five axis milling head

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Product Introduction

At present, there are three main specifications:

  • Speed 3000rpm torque 2000Nm transmission ratio =1:1
  • Speed 6000rpm torque 2000Nm transmission ratio =1:2
  • Speed 3000rpm torque 900Nm transmission ratio =1:1


Main technical characteristics

  1. The spindle of the milling head is driven by two end keys of the spindle of the machine tool, or the motor is driven directly;
  2. The main shaft drive is realized by grinding bevel gear and cylindrical gear, with low noise;
  3. 3: The tool is tensioned by a mechanical elastic device and loosened by a hydraulic device;
  4. The axles A and C are supported by radial and axial preloaded roller bearings and driven by a servo motor through a precision anti-backlash device with double gears;
  5. The position measurements of axes A and C were made directly by a high resolution optical encoder on the axis with a resolution of 18000 p/r and an output of sinusoidal 1Vpp with a distance code reference.
  6. There are micro electric switches on axes A and C to limit and reset the displacement;
  7. A hydraulic clamping device is provided on the axles A and C, so that when cutting at a fixed Angle, transmission load free.