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Product Introduction

The GL control system can control and coordinate the functions of all machine tool subsystems. Users can operate intuitively through a small operating platform. In this way, users can reduce the setting time and thus reduce the overall operation time.


The GL control system is built on two powerful computer operating systems, which are user independent and NC software. In this way, real-time processing such as machining center can be guaranteed while maintaining a friendly and comfortable operating environment.






GL series control system can support a large number of interpolation types
● Linear
● Circle
● Spline curve
● Others



Coordinate conversion such as
● Normal conversion
● Rotation conversion
● Five-axis remote


HormaTool point

Preset point (NC point preset)
● Symmetrical position set point
● Screening curve symmetrical position set point
● Monitoring machine limit value
● Monitor/preview the geometry after programming



Standard equipment


GL. Status display

The real-time status of the machining center will be displayed in the GL display module. In this module, the position of the axis and the status of the laser will be displayed. The customer can get a brief report on GL breakdown of each module on the module window.


GL. NC mode

Customers can use G-mode to code the program and import it into:
● Command and operation with G-mode
● Multi-window operation
● The operation window opens quickly
● Control laser with G-mode command
● Call machine program from GL designer
● Retrieve parameter settings from the database


GL. Two-dimensional structure

In the user image design interface, users can easily and quickly create geometric images. The advantages of this module are:
● Generate two-dimensional geometric images (straight lines, rectangles, circles, etc
● Generate operation instructions (fill entity, mirror, offset entity, copy and other commands)
● Preview the image on the display window
● In the processing area, users can customize the scanning area
● Axis synthesis and scanning processing can be carried out simultaneously
● Each image will have independent parameters
● Can import svg - and dxf documents
● Can be inverted into black and white bitmap files
● Markeable






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