Maintenance and maintenance training of Shaanxi Faster - Alberti angle head


In October, the manager of our company went to Shaanxi Faster Company to provide training on the maintenance and repair of Alberti angle head for its employees.

The angle head has been greased before delivery and can be used at any time.

It is recommended to use the following grease for the angle head and fill it at the specified time interval:

  • T90 type, inject 30-50g of grease through the greasing hole on the angle head subject with a common greasing gun every 1000 hours. (The lubricating grease used by the original factory is Kruber NBU15, and the newly purchased angle head will carry a tube of 50g lubricating grease.)
  • Every 500 working hours, remove the rear cover 77 (as shown in the figure below) of TUC type and fill it with 30-50g of 'Kruber NBU15'. If a large amount of coolant is used, pay attention not to directly punch the angle head, because the TCU type is very sealed. In addition, always check whether the lubricating grease is sufficient.




See the following videos for key parts: